The Plastic Age

On January 21, 2016, USEPA Coordinator Mr. Joshua Kogan visited the Excelsior Academy at NFA High School in Newburgh NY. He came to teach the students about Water Quality and how it is affecting our environment. He told them, “Newburgh is connected to the ocean through the Hudson River.” He told them that it affects us cause the Hudson River (which is the local river) is connected to the ocean. So all of the trash and garbage in the ocean can come up the river into our area. Mr. Kogan’s main lesson was on the “Plastic Age.” “People refer to this time as the Plastic Age because plastic is everything,” Mr. Kogan tells them. In the US we produce 1 billion tons of plastic every 4 years. He also tells them,”In every ocean you will find some evidence of plastic and plastic garbage.” Now since garbage is in the ocean, all the creatures will ingest the garbage. “Plastic eventually breaks down into smaller pieces but then becomes part of the animals,” Mr. Kogan states. Fish eat plastic that is in the water and then we end up eating the fish. So we are eating plastic and that’s just horrible. The Excelsior students really enjoyed the presentation and are looking forward to meeting Mr. Kogan again.

~Joshua Lopez ~


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