Slavery Awareness Fair

During the summer of 2015 we had the option of choosing our topic of study in english class for the upcoming school year. We narrowed it down to two subjects, ISIS and modern day human trafficking. We chose Human Trafficking and at the end of our studies we realized we needed to do something about it. We created a slavery awareness fair to educate the public. Then we decided to educate middle school students about the topic. While there we explained different types of slavery, how it happens, why it happens, and where it happens. Students were intrigued that this still happens. We gave students two different types of chocolate to test out. A hershey kiss (conventional chocolate made by slaves) and fair trade chocolate (Chocolate made without the use of slaves). Many students explained how the fair trade chocolate tasted darker. The darker taste came out of the fact that the chocolate was more natural with more cocoa beans than conventional chocolate. For more information on human trafficking please visit our website at

~Iggy Salim~



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