Join us for Hour of Code

Excelsior Academy will host its annual Hour of Code this Monday,  December 4th…come out and join us! If your child is interested in learning about the art of coding, come step into the world of computer science. Children can learn basic block coding and participate in a tutorial on robotics with a real Dash Robot. Youth will leave excited and with an understanding that coding is part of our everyday lives.hour-of-code-logo

Hour of Code is staffed by Excelsior students, who lean on their college-level coding experiences to share their knowledge.  When students volunteer at this event,  they have fun teaching and spending time with kids and friends. Suriana, a senior at Excelsior Academy, who has participated in several such events stated that “Hour of Code is an amazing time where our community comes together and introduces kids of any age to the world of coding.  Students get to experience how their favorite games are made while being challenged at the same time.”  These students enjoy coding and want to share their knowledge with others.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 12.56.26 PMCoding is very useful in our modern day world. According to Excelsior Academy’s Computer Science Teacher Daniel Svarczkopf, “there are over 500,000 unfilled, high-paying, tech jobs in this country that go unfilled each year because the workforce isn’t trained to fill those positions. The younger we get our children involved in computer science, the better chance they will have at being able to fill those positions in the future.  Not to mention, the added benefits of teaching them at a young age how to break down a problem and solve it. This skill will be beneficial to them in all of their classes and well into their future career.” Coding is all around us. Coding contains many languages such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, C++, Python, and Ruby. Each coding language is for a different purpose. HTML/CSS is for web design while C++, Javascript, Python, and Ruby are all different programming languages. Some examples of coding in our everyday life are traffic lights/street lights, your smart device(s), and every website that you visit on the web.

The Hour of Code allows children who may not have any experience or knowledge with coding to learn the basics, while allowing people volunteering to become involved with the community and connect with the children of Newburgh. It gives children a chance to possibly discover a future career path and may one day allow them to succeed further in life.

by Kyle Villano, Gabby Cordoba, Rosemary Rodriguez, and Brandon Pacheco



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