IBM provides mentors to Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH students during their time in the program to help navigate high school, college, internships, and life.

The mentoring program allows students to have a 1 on 1 relationship with someone who works for IBM in multiple departments such as zSystems, Communications, Global Technology Services, and Watson Health. By having a mentor, students have another person to talk to about life and help them see things from a different perspective.

Student Testimonials

“I have someone to talk to about how to balance life. It helps when I am feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.” – Destiny Erazo

“My mentor has helped me learn how to communicate professionally.” – Charlie Vega

“When I needed to prepare for my internship interview my mentor was the best person to go to because she knew so much.” – Suyhalia Karim


Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH students are offered the opportunity to interview for a paid IBM internship at the Poughkeepsie site. Internships positions are from multiple departments in IBM and all roles NFA P-TECH students have the knowledge and skills to do. 

Internships prepare students to join the work force after graduation whether or not they want to work for IBM. By having an IBM internship on their resumes they have more experience than their peers setting them up for success in the future. Once they have completed the program NFA P-TECH students can be considered 1st in line for jobs and apprenticeships at IBM.

site visits

NFA P-TECH students will have the opportunity to visit IBM sites to see the different parts of IBM and how IBM impacts their lives on a bigger scale. Site visits are an opportunity for students to learn about IBM’s role in the community and how that effects them as community members.

college tours

professional skills

Students take a professional skills class where they learn the skills they will need in the workplace in year 2. They learn how to write their resumes, do well in interviews

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