Can my child do sports and take college classes?

Yes, they can! They have the same access to sports after school as regular high school students. Students will have to sacrifice being able to be a double graduate to participate in sports after school once they go to college full time.

If your child plans on playing sports in college (NCAA) please discuss with school counselor because their schedule may look different from other students.

Can my child be involved in clubs after school?

Yes, they can! They have the same access to club fairs and clubs after school. Students will have to sacrifice being a double graduate if they want to participate in club activities after they can go to the college full time. They will have access to clubs at SUNY Orange and can sign up for clubs there once enrolled in college classes.

Club activities are encouraged as they help build skills they will use after high school such as collaboration. If students are missing class to participate in clubs they will be taken out of their college classes or other disciplinary action will be taken.

Will my child walk Academy Field for graduation?

Yes, they will! Every Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH student will walk Academy Feild alongside their Newburgh Free Academy peers. Double graduates and SUNY Orange graduates attend a sperate graduation ceremony at the Middletown SUNY Orange campus.

Can my child be in ROTC and in P-TECH?

Yes, they can! They can be apart of the ROTC program but they will not qualify to be on the 4-year path of P-TECH. They will automatically take more than 4 years to complete the program if they want to be in ROTC throughout high school.

Can my child do college classes and the CNA program or criminal justice program simultaneously?

No, they can not! The CNA program and criminal justice programs have mandatory classes and because of this, they can not go to SUNY Orange until they graduate high school.

Students who want to be in either program will take P-TECH classes that are offered at NFA North Campus in addition to the classes for their program. They will take classes at SUNY Orange after they graduate.

Are the kids on the 5 and 6 year plan graduating high school in 4  years?

Yes, they are! They take classes that meet their graduation requirements during the school year. Year 5 and 6 they would only have college classes if they passed high school.

What is summer commitment?

The summer commitment is your child attending classes after the school year ends and summer school sessions begin. Your child is not attending these sessions because they failed classes. These summers are dedicated to teaching classes that can’t be taught during the school year because the school day isn’t long enough.

Year 1: 4 weeks (P-TECH Orientation classes)

This summer is non-negotiable. This is the summer before ninth grade begins. Your child has to attend this session to be a P-TECH student in the fall. If they can’t attend the summer session please be aware that summer commitment is necessary to succeed in the program.

Year 2: 3 weeks (College summer session classes)

College classes are taught this summer and are non-negotiable if they want to be a double graduate. During this summer they are also taught IBM badges which help them gain the skills for an internship in year 3, therefore if they want a summer intern this is also non-negotiable.

Students who are not planning on being double graduates or being summer interns do not have to attend this session but, have to meet with the house principal and guidance counselor to make these choices final.

Can my child take AP classes in addition to their P-TECH classes?

It depends on the goals of your child. If they plan on being a double graduate they can not take an AP class after year 2.

You will have to meet with the guidance counselor for answers to child-specific course schedule questions.

Is P-TECH a honors program?

No! P-TECH is not a honors program but it does give students the opportunity to take honors classes even if they were not on the honors track for high school. Students can take high school standard classes during their time in the program.

Does my child have to be interested in computers?

No, but they need to not be afraid of mathematics. Computer interest does help but is not a requirement. It is important your child knows computers and gaming are completely different and the computer aspect of gaming is not taught in this program.

Can my child join if a student drops out of the program?

Sadly no. If students who are officially in the program leave for any reason their spot cannot be filled with another non-P-TECH student later on.