Do I need a computer at home?

You will need access to the internet at home but other arrangements can be made. You will have the opportunity while in school to use school computers to complete online work for more information you will have to speak with the house principal.

Do I need special interests to sign up?

No, but you do need to have an interest in math. If you are interested in computers that is helpful as that will be your major in college through this program. It is okay if you do not have an immediate interest in computer science.

If I have other interests can I join?

Yes! You don’t have to be interested in computer science to join. You can have interests in multiple areas and still apply. We do encourage you to read the degree requirements information on the SUNY Orange website for either degree.

Do I have to be interested in gaming?

No! This is not a gaming program and you will not take gaming-related courses. You will work on one project where you learn the basics of coding through creating a game but there won’t be a class dedicated to creating games.

Is P-TECH gaming related?

No! P-TECH is based in computer science and related to the two majors offered at SUNY Orange, networking and cyber security, see the next question for more information. P-TECH does not offer gaming courses or have a gaming club.

If you are interested in gaming, NFA P-TECH students lead a skills class at the Newburgh Armory that teaches the building blocks of coding through making games on a program called Scratch. After taking the Scratch class children will have the opportunity to take classes on drones, Arduinos, and web design. For more information see the Events tab.

What are the degree choices Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH offers?

The Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in networking or cyber security are provided by SUNY Orange in partnership with NFA P-TECH.

Networking AAS Degree

The primary focus of this degree is networking computer systems including implementation, configuration, maintenance and administration of networking equipment, which includes the creation of network servers. Students will take the CompTIA’s A+, Security+, Networking+, Linux+ and CISCO’s CNA certification exams giving them a head start on career options after graduation. For more information see here.

Cyber Security AAS Degree

The primary focus of this degree is explaining the way cyber security works and the ways it is implemented in real life scenarios with hands-on labs. Students will be introduced to techniques used to track perpetrators once an attack has occurred. In addition to basic computer and networking skills, the student will be introduced to Operating Systems, Computer Forensics, Network Forensics, Information Security, Network Perimeter Security, and Cyber Crime Investigation. For more information see here.

Can I take AP classes while going to SUNY Orange?

No, you can not in most cases. You will be going to college at the same time as the AP classes are running at the high school

In some cases, you can take AP classes if you do not want to be a double graduate and want to take a 5 or 6 year plan. You would have to see the guidance counselor for specific answers.

Can I join clubs or be on an athletic team?

Yes, you can! You have the same access to sports/clubs as your Newburgh Free Academy peers who aren’t in P-TECH. You will have to choose between sports/clubs and being a double graduate, year 5 or year 6 student if you want to play sports/be in a club until you graduate high school.

What does years 5 and 6 look like?

Years 5 and 6 are just college classes. You have graduated high school in year 4 and walk Academy Feild like the rest of the NFA senior class you are apart of.

Years 5 and 6 are very individualized as they will be comprised of the classes you haven’t taken yet or classes you need to place into. You will need to see the guidance counselor for more information.

Can I go to NFA Main campus and be in P-TECH?

No, you can not! Being a part of the Newburgh Free Academy P-TECH program means attending NFA North. You can join clubs after school at NFA Main but you can not attend classes at NFA Main.

Do I have to be good at math?

No, but you can’t hate math. You will be taking math courses from SUNY Orange (College Algebra and Trigonometry ) and you will need to pass these courses to earn your associates.

There are resources at NFA North and both SUNY Orange in Middletown and Newburgh to help you in math.

Will either degree take up 2 years of a bachelors degree?

No. You will have to discuss college plans with the guidance counselor to know what credits can be transferred to another degree. If you continue with the same major the answer is yes.

Will I be able to earn an advanced regents diploma?

No, you will not. You can not fit a language class into your schedule unless you choose the 6 year plan. This means you will take your college classes after graduating high school giving you the time to take the classes needed for an advanced regents diploma.