What is the difference between the year 4, year 5 and year 6 path?

The paths are individualized based on the classes students place into and the classes they have taken. In addition to this, the goals students want to accomplish are taken into consideration when students are placed on a path. Students who want to join programs at Newburgh Free Academy North Campus will not be eligible for the 4 year path compared to a student who intentionally aligns their goals with graduating as a double graduate (graduating with both the AAS degree and their diploma).

What are the networking & cyber security degrees?

The information can be found on SUNY Orange’s website. Links to the pages and a summary of both degrees can be found on the student FAQ page.

Can a P-TECH Student participate in sports?

Students can participate in sports. Students have the same access to sports as their Newburgh Free Academy peers who aren’t in P-TECH. They may have to choose between sports and being a double graduate if they want to play sports until they graduate high school.


Students will be eligible for internships the summer of Year 3. Year 4 students that will be Year 5 students are also eligible for internships. Internships are not guaranteed and the roles of the internships vary. Internships are an opportunity for students to develop the skills they will need in the future.

What is Summer commitment?

Students will have to attend classes in the summer because the P-TECH curriculum can’t fit in the timeframe of a normal school year. The first summer is mandatory for all incoming students. The summer of Year 2 . The summer of Year 3 students will have the opportunity to have an internship with IBM. This summer will not be mandatory for all students because all students will not receive internships. Students during Year 3 will also have the opportunity to take college classes over the summer.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a service provided by IBM where students have the opportunity to talk to an IBMer that may or may not have a technology background to learn more about IBM and college. Mentors help students develop the communication skills they will need when interviewing for jobs in addition to helping them develop the confidence in themselves to articulate their thoughts and ideas to adults.

spring break & summer break

Students who take SUNY Orange classes will have classes during NECSD’s spring and summer breaks. This means attendance during the days Newburgh Free Academy has off is crucial to their ability to pass their college classes. There is no transportation to NFA North when there is no school for NECSD students; students will have to arrange their own transportation to NFA North to get onto the SUNY shuttle and transportation home after classes.