Dan Svarczkopf

I am Dan Svarczkopf and I am the Computer Science Teacher at Excelsior Academy.  This will be my ninth year of teaching and my second year in Newburgh ECSD.  I began as a middle school mathematics teacher in upstate New York.  In 2012 I moved to New York City to teach incarcerated youth throughout the five borrows.  While in NYC I transitioned into a role as a Math and Technology Coach.  I established and maintained internet access and networks within the jails and began an individualized blended learning program that met the students where they were at in their learning and taught them at their pace.  I am thrilled to be here in Newburgh and I love teaching computer science.


Most recently, I helped began a program at the Newburgh Armory which is free and will provide a way for the youth of Newburgh to begin to learn and explore the world of computer science.   I am so proud to watch my students from Excelsior teach those courses at the Armory and pass on their skills to the next generation.